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Best life insurance companies 2022

Before you go deeply into life insurance policy, its necessary for you to know about the best life insurance companies 2022 and their policies. However, in this article, we will take out time to show you the best life insurance companies you should invest in. Check them out below.

1.Haven Life

Many life insurance companies are currently rated among the best life insurance companies. However, according to USnews, Haven life is rated as the best life insurance company in the year 2022. Haven life is known as a digital insurance agency that offers two term life insurance options, which are haven term and haven simple. Talking about haven term, it’s a term policy with a duration of between 10 and 30 years with a coverage of up to $3 million.

Haven simple, from the name, it’s a term-based policy that has lower coverage and a shorter duration being offered within the range of 5 and 20 years. The upside for many individuals is that it doesn’t require a medical exam for coverage, it’s naturally simple. Both policies are required online without the assistance of an insurance agent.

However, haven life doesn’t issue the policies it sells but the policies are issued by MassMutual-life-insurance, which made it the best insurance company.



  • It has only term life policies
  • It do not offer riders


According to news rating, Bestow is rated As the second-best insurance company, this is because it sells one type of policy with terms between 10 and 30 years with five years increments available. This policy also has a high coverage amount of about $1.5 million. The entire application of these policies is done online. As a client, you have access to text or call Bestow customer care team to fix any issues or questions. Another reason for the rating is that their policies don’t need a medical exam.

Bestow does not issue the life insurance policies it sells. However, the policies are issued by North American Company for life and health insurance.


  • They offer term, whole, and Universal life policies
  • They easily convert term policies to permanent


  • Their company’s policies are expensive than other companies
  • They don’t explained the company’s policies in details on the website

3.New york Life     

In terms of both term and permanent policies, New York Life is rated as the best life insurance company. Its permanent life insurance options include the whole life insurance and the Universal policies. The term policy is also convertible to permanent policy.

Riders like disability Waiver of premium, Accidental Death Benefit, and Living Benefits are added as an option.

Their website does not provide necessarily a lot of information about its policies, because of this, you may have to contact their agent to get more information about their policies. Their term policies are more expensive than other insurance company.


  • They offer term, universal and whole Policies
  • Terms are easily converted to a whole life policy


  • An agent must be involved while purchasing the policy
  • It has limited online pricing information

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