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buy now pay later in Akure: Check out the best store

Hello everyone, you are all welcome to another section on my review, in this article today, we will be talking about the online platforms that allow you to purchase goods and pay back in installmental in the future..

For long, buy now pay later has been trending in Nigeria especially Akure, this platform allows you to purchase items like electronics and phone as you will be allowed to pay back later

While using buy now pay later, you can only be in full control of the gadget or electronic once you are able to complete the payment of the gadget. This store sells electronic such as inverter AC and some other smart android phones such like Tecno, Infinix and Itel.

requirement for buy now pay later in Akure.

In other to be eligible to buy now pay later, there are some documents which you will need to provide to make you eligible for the service, without these documents, consider your self disqualified for buy now pay later in Akure service.

These documents involve,

1. Valid I.D card/ employment later.

2. Bank statement of your previous 6 months transaction.

3. Valid Government issued I.D card ( voters card, National I.D card, drivers license etc)

4. Bank verification Number(BVN)

List of Buy Now Pay Later Stores Present In Akure

After getting all these above mentioned document which will make you eligible for Buy now pay later in Akure, the next step for you to take is to go in search of their various stores Location. These stores are the best for buy now pay later service. Which include the following.

1) Easy Buy

Among many buy now pay later stores in Nigeria, Easy buy the known to be the best when it comes in terms of given out mobile smart phones in credit. You will be allowed to borrow within the sum of N10,000 to N50,000, with a 6 percent rate. You will be allowed to pay back within 91 to 180 days times.

Easy buy permits you to borrow money and purchase smart phones on any of your choice. You will payinstallments. Easy buy make it more easier for buy now pay later in Akure.

During this process, you will need to pay 30% minimum on the purchase price of the device. Additionally, you will be asked to choose the payment terms. Once you get your account linked to their service, the monthly amount which you agreed on will be deducted from your balance until the day you complete your payment with them.

2. Spredda.

There is no doubt that Spredda is one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria, and they have a good relationship with their customers.

One of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria is Spredda.

There are many Buy Now Pay Later stores in Nigeria, but Spredda is one of the best. They have a good relationship with their customers.

A good relationship between Spredda and their customers makes them one of the best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria.

Spredda is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later stores in Nigeria, with a good customer relationship. In Nigeria, Spredda is one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores, and they have excellent customer service.

Buy Now Pay Later Store Spredda is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria. Spredda is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later stores in Nigeria with good customer service. It is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later stores in Nigeria that has a good customer relationship.

There are a number of great Buy Now Pay Later stores in Nigeria like Spredda, and they deal with a lot of satisfied customers.

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3. The alternative mall

The Alternative Mall is an e-commerce website based in Nigeria where you can buy home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, furniture, computers, generators, fashion and beauty products, sports and fitness products, and more at affordable prices. Sterling Alternative Finance owns this website, making it convenient for people who make salaries as well as those who don’t to shop. The Alternative Mall appears to be the greatest because there are no fees associated with it.

Shopping at The Alternative Mall is really simple; you can purchase items and pay for them over the course of 12 months without making a deposit, and you will only be charged 33.3% of your annual income. You must set up a SAF account if you meet the necessary requirements.

4. CDCare

In Nigeria, CDcare is a sizable market that is accessible via online, iOS, and Android. This website doesn’t generate any interest and enables Nigerians to purchase whatever electronic devices or home appliances they desire utilizing the Buy Now Pay Later technique. You can purchase everything you want on this website, including phones, gadgets, and kitchen equipment like freezers, microwaves, and many others. If they don’t have what you want in stock, you can place a request.

When purchasing an item on CDcare, customers are provided a payment plan that enables them to make equal weekly or monthly payments. A buyer may choose how they wish to make payments, and everything will be taken into consideration. If a customer makes a 50% down payment, the item will be delivered and the remaining balance will be due after that. One of the best Nigerian stores for “Buy Now, Pay Later” is CDcare, which is also quite simple to use.


Another online store that makes purchasing items for Nigerians simple is Zoomba. Zoomba has a “pay small, pay small” strategy that enables you to secure an item and make incremental payments until the balance is paid in full. You may purchase anything from this website, where they provide a variety of products like phones, laptops, home appliances, and much more. Layaway on Zoomba enables you to purchase a product now and pay for it later while also allowing you to have it marked.

They do, however, apply a few policies to their layaway program. Because they don’t tolerate nonsense from clients who are willing to violate their policies, Zoomba is nice but a little rigorous with their policies. However, if you’re seeking for a shop right away you can also trust them

how to buy now pay later

6. Payflexi

Consumers can choose to pay in installments at the checkout using the all-in-one flexible payment gateway known as Payflexi.

Shoppers can use Payflexi to complete transactions on supported websites, but they must first pay at least a 40% down payment upfront and spread the remaining 60% over a minimum of six months.
If a merchant’s store or website doesn’t yet accept Payflexi as a payment method and you would like it there, you can email the business and ask them to add it.

When a consumer checks out online or in person, Payflexi, as a merchant, makes the invoicing and collection processes for both one-time and installment payments simpler.

Payflexi can indeed also help you to pay your customers full amount beforehand to prevent losing orders.

As a payment gateway, you can also use it to collect upfront payment from customers.

Payflexi is currently integrated with most payment gateways and eCommerce

All payments from Payflexi are routed through your payment processors who then settles the money in your bank account.

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Even in the most challenging circumstances, buying now and paying later allows you to get what you want, and these online shops have provided excellent service for Nigerians. These are the top buy-now-pay-later shops in Nigeria right now, and all you need to do to use them is be qualified.

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