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Kuda Bank Customer Care Number/ Whatsapp & email address: 2022 updtate

Hello, you are welcome to jahzblog media, I believe you arrived here while searching for the word Kuda Bank Customer care number/whatsapp & email address? Well, if you so, then you are at the right place because I will be revealing to you their latest and updated number/whatsapp number& email address.

Why looking for Kuda Bank customer phone and whatsapp number, this is because you need their technical support right?

The Kuda Bank customer Care service has dedicated works who are ever ready to ensure that  your compliant are solve with immediate effect.

Kuda Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number

The current and the updated Kuda bank customer care whatsapp number is  +23416335832. With this number, you will have access to communicate and interact with the Kuda bank customers service via whatsapp for the whole 24 hours a day.

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There is no need for you to leave your home, looking for their branch to solve some little issues. You have their whatsapp contact, contact them and get your issues solved.

Kuda Bank  phone number

Kuda bank phone number is the same with their whatsapp number, which is (+234016335832).

If  the issue is serious, I will advise that you visit any nearest Kuda bank branch, lay your complain to them as they get your issue solved immediately.

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Kuda bank  Email address

The current Kuda bank email address is ( Help@Kuda.com) you can also contact the company by sending an email to the company email address describing your issues as they attend to you with immediate effect.

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Kuda bank Social Media Handles

Kuda bank customer care service are current on different social media platforms which incluse, twitter, Facebook and instagram.

For twitter, you can contact Kuda bank custumer care by searching for the word KUDA BANK. And make sure that the twitter handle which you will want to follow is a verified twitter account.

On Facebook, you will follow the same procedure as stated above. Do ensure that is a verified facebook account so as not to follow the fraudulent account.

Please avoid exposing any of your vital information regarding your Kuda Bank account so as not to get scammed.

kuda bank ccustomers care

What you can do with Kuda bank Whatsapp or Phone number.

You can use the Kuda bank whatsapp /phone Number to do the following.

  • Request  for your loan balance. Note That you will be asked some security questions to ensure that you are the real owner of the Kuda bank account.
  • Get updated and get reliable information on any of their services.
  • To resolve common loan problems
  • To ask question about their loan features
  • Any other complaints related to this company

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