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Permanent Residence Visa in Canada through Marriage

If you wish to know more on how to get a Permanent Residence visa in Canada through marriage then you are on the right page. This post have been made to guide all those that are yearning to relocate to Canada.

Marriage could be a beautiful thing but more challenging when you are very far from each other. Couples in this circumstance can finally relocate to Canada if the other partner is a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada when they are ready to leave together.

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The thing there is that both parties can not automatically get Canadian citizenship because they are married. You must meet the requirements to be a Canadian. Your sponsor must be more than 18 years of age and financially stable.

During the application stage, the sponsor is verified properly if he or she is a lawful citizen of Canada. Also, his or her financial capacity is properly verified to be fit to obtain a Canadian PR for you.

How to Get Permanent Residence Visa in Canada Through Marriage

The spousal sponsorship program is currently protected by some stringent rules. This is because of the increase in the number of marriage fraud cases. These rules apply to legitimate marriages too. If you’re going through this route, make sure that you prepare all the necessary documents.

In case you have are in Canada through a study or work permit and got married to a Canadian, you will be allowed to stay in the country to wait for the approval of your spousal sponsorship application. This is known as inland spousal sponsorship

On the other case, you cannot move to Canada until your spouse-sponsored permanent residence visa has been approved. This approach can be referred to as outland spousal sponsorship.

Displaying love or marriage certificate will not convince the immigration officer that your love is genuine. You both will have to go extra mile to prove to the immigration officer that the marriage is real and not fake.

These further mile you will have to take is for your spouse-sponsor to have lived in Canada for a good number of years, presenting pictures and be a lawful citizen of the country. In a case where the sponsor is not a citizen of Canada by birth, he or she must have obtained a permanent resident visa in Canada.

Is the spousal-sponsorship different from other Canadian immigration programs?

One of the perks of entering Canada via the spousal-sponsorship program is that you do not need to reveal your financial strength before you will be granted the Canada permanent resident (PR) visa. This is because your spouse would have been evaluated based on certain criteria.

Application Duration

he application duration is usually a month or so. That is when you will know if your application is approved or not. Ensure you filled out all the required documents properly and have provided all the needed documents.

Also, when approved, be sure you carry all your immigration documents while moving to Canada.

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