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Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada – Immigrating to work in Canada is the real deal and a lot of people a taking advantage of the opportunity that the Canadian government has put in place about inviting over a million immigrants into the country in the next three you. – Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada.

Whichever skill you possess, so long as it is among the skill in-demand and also in-demand occupations in Canada, you are one step away from immigrating to Canada and starting a new and sweet life.

There are lots of job opportunities in Canada ranging from office jobs to trade jobs like plumbing, driving, welding etc. most of the skilled jobs are really in high demand in Canada and one sweet part of it is that you get to work for different employers or clients. Unlike an engineer, lawyer, or accountant who tend to work for a particular employer of labour.


The irony is that in Canada, there is a high demand for people with hand skill in as much as there is a demand for skilled workers too. Canada offers you a wide range of benefits when it comes to working in Canada. As a tradesman, you get to enjoy high minimum wage, better work condition, low cost of living and many others.

When you have a hand skill, you get to enjoy work convenience, work flexibility, work adaptability and so on. It is not always easy to find skilled tradesmen and so employers and clients are ready to pay high to get the services of these people.

Before we proceed to what we have in the article, we will have to explain what we mean by trade jobs.


Trade jobs are occupations that involve specialized skills that are learnt through advanced training or apprenticeship instead taking up a study program at a university or college. The trade jobs allow you to get the skill through vocational training, on-the-job training or apprenticeship for a few years. The skilled trade jobs are highly required by some manufacturing and construction industries.


Skilled tradesmen are people that render physical services or produce tangible goods and in the type of job, there is flexibility. Over the years, there has been a low demand for the trades job as the educational system in many countries including Canada see career jobs as the ultimate but in recent times, the need for tradesmen has been growing and therefore institutions have been set up to train people on the trade jobs so that they can feel up job positions in industries and also immigration programs have been set out to welcome foreigners with skills in trade jobs to help fill labour shortages in Canada.

Top 15 highest paying trade jobs in Canada

The trade jobs are now being seen as hot jobs in most countries of the world and Canada is not an exception. Though everyone wants a white collar job where we go to offices but the trade jobs offers you a lot more as you can work at your own comfort and flexibility and not only that, you will certainly be paid higher wages too.

The importance of skilled trade to the economy of a country is rising every day. We are going to be looking at some of the highest paying trade jobs in Canada at the moment. So let’s chase to the chase…

  • Electrician

An electrician is a tradesman that engages in installation, maintenance and repair of electrical powers, lighting, control and communication systems. These people are one of the highest paid tradesmen in Canada and they earn about $40 – $50 per hour depending on the location or province.

Electricians can work in-door or outdoor and are not confined to a particular organization. They can work in homes, factories, school and even construction sites. They are under the building trades.

To become an electrician, you will have a high school diploma or something equivalent to it and also go through an electrician training program whether apprenticeship or on-the-job training. This training will help you gain knowledge and skill to write and pass the electrician licensing exam so you can become a qualified licensed electrician.

As an electrician, you will have better opportunities in Canada especially in provinces like Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario.

  • Ironworker

An ironworker is quite different from a blacksmith. This is a tradesman that works in the iron-working industry and the ironworker assembles the structural framework of bridges, buildings, multi-story buildings, arenas, towers etc. They are under the industrial trades.

They are charged with the responsibility of repairing and renovating old buildings or structures and also erect, fabricate or dismantle the structural framework of pre-engineered metal buildings. They can also upload and set machineries and also operate forklifts and aerial lifts. They can work in factories, steel mills or even utility plants.

Becoming an ironworker requires a lot of in-class training and due to its complex nature, a qualified ironworker earn about $60 000 to $64 000 a year on the average. They are most needed in the British Columbia province in Canada.

  • Carpenter

A carpenter is a tradesman that is involved in the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials when constructing buildings, ships etc. a carpenter is a person that primarily works with natural wood and engage in the cutting, shaping and setting up of this wood to construct a building or any other thing. They are under the building trades.

This trade job is usually learnt through apprenticeship or on-the-job training and you don’t need to get a formal education under carpentry.

For a qualified carpenter, the wages per hour is around $38 – $40 and the average salary is around $50 000 to $52 000 a year. There are better opportunities for this trade job in the Yukon territories.

  • Welder

Welders are tradesmen that are involved in the repair of metal items and they do this by filling holes or cutting and joining metal parts. They are under the industry trades.

Welders earn about $82 000 to $85 000 a year as an average salary and that is if you are a qualified welder. The job is always tedious and technical and they are much needed in British Columbia.

If you want to become a welder, you will need to have a high school diploma and also a vocational training.

  • Plumber

A plumber is a tradesman that installs and repairs pipes and plumbing fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, toilets and even pipes for carrying water away from homes. They are much needed in most part of the world and require specialized skills and training.

Welders are under the building trades and can work alongside other construction workers.

A qualified plumber earns around $35 – $40 and the average salary is around $^2 000 to $65 000 in a year and sometimes they get more than this, depending in the area. They are highly demanded for in the Prince Edward Island.

  • Heavy duty mechanic

These tradesmen are engaged in the maintenance and repair of heavy duty vehicles and machines that are used for construction and transportation. This job is very tedious as you will be lifting heavy machines and working in odd positions. The heavy duty mechanics are under the mechanical trades. They work on machines like tractors, cranes, trucks and bulldozers.

To become a qualified heavy duty mechanic, you don’t really need a formal education though it is a plus to your status but you will also be physically fit. You must also possess manual dexterity. It is one of the toughest trades to qualify in.

A qualified heavy duty mechanic  earns about $70 000 to $72 000 a year on the average and their services are much needed in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

  • Painter

When we talk about painters, hat we mean is the house painters or decorators and they are tradesmen engaged in the painting and decorating of buildings whether interior or exterior. Painting helps to improve the appearance of a building and also protect it from damages by water or corrosion. Painters are under the building trades. They can sometimes be called plasterer.

Painters earn a wage of around $35 to $40 per hour. A qualified painter earns about $40 000 to $44 000 as an annual average salary. There is no need for formal training or education as you can either learn as an apprentice or through on-the-job training. They are much needed in Alberta.

  • Pipefitter

A pipefitter should not be taken for a plumber, they are different tradesperson. A pipefitter is a tradesperson that installs fixes and repairs pipes that transports liquids or gases in buildings. They engage in assembling, maintaining and fabricating of mechanical piping systems in buildings. They are also called steamfitters and are under the industrial trades.

A qualified pipefitter can work with industries and deals with industrial, marine or commercial piping systems. They earn around $45 to $50 in an hour and their average salary is around $45 000 to $50 000 in a year.

This skill is in high demand in Ontario. So if you have this skill, you should try immigrating to Ontario.

  • Bus drivers

Bus drivers are engaged in carrying people to their destination. It is a very important trade job as people will definitely need to be transported from one place to another especially those without a private vehicle.

Bus drivers are really in high demand in many cities in Canada and they earn around $40 000 to $42 000 as an annual average salary. It is not a stressful job as you enjoy a good work-life balance.

  • Elevator mechanic

Elevator mechanics are skilled technicians that engage in the installation, maintenance and repair of elevators, escalators and mechanical walkways. They can work for themselves as an independent contractor or work as an employee for a company. As an apprentice under this skilled trade job, you will have to be in training for up to 4years and then you will get a license to operate as an elevator mechanic. They are under the mechanical trades.

Elevator mechanics earn about $45 to $50 in an hour and get an average annual salary of about $80 000 to $85 000. They are really one of the highest paying trade jobs in Canada. They are needed in most of the provinces in Canada.

  • Long haul truck driver

The long haul truck drivers are tradespersons that drive trucks, trailers or long vehicles over long distances to transport goods and other materials. They also supervise freight loading and ensure that the freight is not damaged in transit. Actually, this skill is among the in-demand occupations in Canada. They earn an average annual salary of about $52 000.

You are likely to get a permanent residence easily through any province you work in.

  • HVAC technician or  installer

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians are skilled tradespersons that installs, cleans, repairs or maintains HVAC systems. They maintain comfortable temperature and set air levels in buildings. They do test runs and inspection of the HVAC systems. They are under the mechanical trades.

They are also among the trade jobs in high demand in Canada as it is not really easy to become a HVAC technician. You will have to go for a vocational training or HVAC training to become a qualified HVAC technician.

They earn a wage of around $45 to $50 in an hour and an average annual salary of about $55 000 to $60 000.


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